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Long-lasting trees to enrich your community

The Tree Coach system makes it easier to plant its GrowFlex Technology provides support and flexibility to young trees which helps establish a stronger root
 plate and taper. This results in strong, healthy and durable trees with less failures, that will enrich and elevate community spaces.

The safer,

more effective solution

Tree Coach is lighter than traditional stakes,
making transport more straight forward and minimising manual labour. The Tree Coach solution is up to 95% lighter than traditional staking with rammer included. No heavy ramming machinery is required to install the system – lowering the chance of injuries and lessening noise pollution during the planting process.

The attractive and flexible planting solution

Tree Coach provides the perfect solution for individual trees to large scale plantings. The consistent stake height and gently curved stakes result in a more symmetrical aesthetic across the entire planting project.

The responsible, sustainable choice

Tree Coach is manufactured from recycled materials and its upper ring can be recycled. The watering ring helps manage the watering process more effectively, incurring less water wastage and improving efficiencies by up to 25 per cent.

Real, lasting results.

We ran a Tree Coach trial with one of Melbourne’s largest councils, planting 500 trees which were monitored over an 18-month period. The results were astounding, and impressive.

Learn more about the Tree Coach trial sucess

Selecting Tree Coach™
has far-reaching benefits

Selecting Tree Coach over traditional tree staking techniques has a range
of benefits for trees, workers and the community.
  • Flexible stakes that nurture growth

    Instead of restricting growth with rigid stakes, Tree Coach’s Growflex Technology allows trees to be tested and strengthened by the wind, encouraging better caliper, stem taper and consequential root development.

  • Precise planting,
enhanced tree health

    While with other forms of tree staking, the quality of the plant depends on the skill of the worker, Tree Coach’s all-in-one structure means that correct tree planting isn’t left up to chance. This results in the healthy development of trees, and a more consistent aesthetic across the entire planting project.

  • Water efficiencies

    With other staking methods,
water inefficiencies can occur from inconsistent water volume from varied
soil berm sizes. With Tree Coach,
its built-in watering ring helps manage water efficiently from nature to the tree.

  • Environmentally sustainable and responsible

    While wooden stakes often rot in the
ground and can’t be reused, Tree Coach stakes - made from recycled kerbside waste - are reusable. The upper ring, once removed, can be recycled.

  • A safer and more efficient planting process

    Unlike other tree staking processes, Tree Coach doesn’t require heavy ramming equipment for installation and is lightweight to transport, lowering safety risks for workers.

How to install Tree Coach™.

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